Electric Actuators

AUMA, Electric Multi- and Part-Turn Actuators
The AUMA SA multi-turn actuators cover a torque range between 10 Nm and 32,000 Nm; the SQ part-turn actuators cover a range between 50 Nm and 2,400 Nm.
  • Datasheet: AUMA - Multi-Turn Actuators SA/SAR
  • Datasheet: AUMA - Part-Turn Actuators SQ/SQR
Schiebel, Electric Actuators, Series FS/FSQT (Fail-Safe)
The electric FS actuators by Schiebel can be used for on/off and control functions. Positioning time is easy to change. Modulating Operation possible due to decoupled fail-safe unit.
  • Datasheet: Schiebel - Electric Actuators, Series FS
  • Datasheet: Schiebel - Electric Actuators, Series FSQT
Schiebel, Electric Actuators, Series CM
With an integrated control unit, our CM series of actuators opens up new possibilities for electric actuators. Flexible, compact, and smart. Utilizable in any area of use and any application. Easily expandable at any time by means of software enablements. Even the basic design copes with important operating conditions, allowing the CM series of actuators to be used anywhere.
  • Datasheet: Schiebel - Electric Actuators, Series CM
J+J, Electric Part-Turn Actuators
  • Datasheet: J+J - Electric Actuators