Paper Machine

Alu-Releco - Coatings for rolls, cylinders and components
Teflon® and fluoroplastic coatings for rolls, cylinders, and numerous other components in the paper industry, also on-site

Bellmer - Paper Technology
Customer oriented new build and upgrades of paper machine plants

Bellmer Kufferath - Separation and Paper Technology
Fiber, reject and sludge dewatering systems; Egoutteur for formation improvement

Bellmer Lang Hafner - Air & Steam Technology
Hoods, air systems as well as steam and condensate systems for paper machines and industry buildings

Fincoat - DryOnyx™ (Valmet trademark) and various other types of coatings for rolls, grinding services (also on-site)
Coating solutions for rolls, cylinders and various other types of components, non-stick, SlipStop, SuperStrong, as well as very fast on-site grinding services with multiple aggregates

Hannecard - Your Roller Expert
Complete service, from pulp production to converting, from new rolls and roll repairs to roll coverings and technical support

Procemex - Camera systems WMS, WIS, winder control
Paper break analyses, paper web defect monitoring, formation measurement

Runtech - Vacuum, dewatering, tail threading systems
Professional solutions for vacuum systems, dewatering, and tail threading, as well as paper machine optimization regarding energy and efficiency 

  • Product Overview: Runtech RunEco
Wetend Technologies - TrumpJet® Mixing Systems for Chemicals
Effective mixing system for chemicals by TrumpJet® technology, in-line PCC, web break eliminators, analytical process service