Wear Protection

Cera System, Wear and Tear of Pipes
Protection from wear and tear for plant construction and power plants. Complete piping systems, pipe elbows, pump parts (propeller, linings, housings), cyclones.
Cera System, Ceramic Hoses
Cera System supplies wear resistant flexible solutions. Ceramic hoses manufactured by Cera System can be used everywhere where hoses regularly wear and must be replaced. The hose consists of ceramic rings that are vulcanised together with special reinforced rubber materials. Pressures of up to 10 bar / 145 psi are permitted.
  • Datasheet: Cera System - Ceramic Hoses
Cera System, Ceramic System Solutions
Cera System offers solutions with ceramic components. In-house development and sales engineers ensure for the complete design of ceramic systems and create economical, customer-specific‚ complete solutions all over the world. Product developments in the coal gasification and photovoltaic sector are only examples of numerous other industry-specific applications.
  • Datasheet: Cera System - Ceramic System Solutions