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Pure is the best.

Absolute purity and the highest standards are the top principle when it comes to the production of pharmaceutical products and hygiene technology. Special demands are placed on all components and materials used in the production process. There is no room for mistakes here and the best products are just good enough.

With our partner Peter Meyer, we have a manufacturer by our side who has comprehensive know-how in the production of ball valves for challenging process environments and sterile process technologies. The Swiss quality manufacturer has been incorporating this knowledge into its products for years and succeeding with its ball valves in the industry.

What customers say about Flowtec
"The pharmaceutical industry places high demands on its production processes. Whether valves without dead space, special certificates or individual specifications - with Flowtec we are always sure that we get the quality that is right for our high requirements."
Process engineer
Plant engineering bureau for the pharmaceutical industry

We know
what you value!

Efficiency is particularly important where expensive process media are used, such as in the production of pharmaceuticals. We therefore pay particular attention to ensuring that all raw materials remain in the process cycle and particularly focus on the use of cavity free valves.

Easy cleanability of the pipes and components installed in the plants and especially the residue-free cleaning are other important criteria, which are fulfilled as standard by the special design of our valves.

There are no gaps or cracks on the surfaces so they meet the ASME BPE standards without any problems. Thanks to a guaranteed ferrite content of less than 1%, rouging can be reduced to a minimum even when cleaning with ultra-pure water.

Possible applications are in the area of sterile steam, nutrient solutions, ultra-pure water and many other industrial applications.

Our choice of products for the pharmaceutical industry
Ball segment walve, flanged design
"The Somas ball segment valve type KVTF is a flanged ball segment valve with a centrically mounted shaft and the KVXF has an eccentrically mounted shaft. The valve housing consists of one piece and has a full bore. The unique system of a shaft with a clamping coupling was developed by Somas for backlash-free torque transmission and enables extremely precise control behaviour"
Wafer type swing check valve
The check valve CSC / CSCF offers efficient performance in a small space. A robust shaft and a defined end stop guarantee an above-average service life. The angled shaft seat ensures improved seat tightness even at low pressures. The valve can also be equipped with a spring that supports the closing process. The large number of turns of the optional spring prevents overloading and guarantees long-lasting durability. The check valve CSC / CSCF can be used in all industrial processes with liquids, gases and steam.
DIN safety relief valve high pressure
"Threaded high-pressure safety valve. Readily available for quick delivery and suitable for use in very demanding industries. Available with a female thread connection BSP or NPT and can be used up to a pressure rating of PN 100. The valves can also be equipped with other additional options. Because of a big stock of different kind of valve bodys and many different trims, nothing stands in the way of quick deliveries. Various approvals ensure that these valves are also used in very demanding industries."
Somas-Metal seated butterfly valve-MTVxMTVFxMTVL
Metal seated butterfly valve
Somas shut-off valves type MTV, MTVF and MTVL are on/off valves and control valves. These valves are designed to control many different liquids, gases and steam over a wide temperature range. They are all triple eccentric valves and due to the unique design of the valve disc, a solid stainless steel seat can be used. This solid seat is resistant to high flow velocities and temperatures. This allows us to achieve high functional reliability even in difficult applications. The MTV valve can be supplied as a wafer type or lug type valve. The valve type MTVF is a double flanged valve. They are normally supplied with a metal seat.
PFA lined ball valve, Neotecha
" Um eine besonders gute mechanische Festigkeit des Kerns und eine hohe chemische Beständigkeit der Auskleidung zu erreichen hat Neotecha eine spezielle Technik entwickelt um PFA auf einen Metallkern aufzutragen. Mit dieser Technik bietet Neotecha Armaturen die weltweit bekannt sind, für ihre Zuverlässigkeit in den schwierigsten korrosiven Anwendungen. Der PFA-ausgekleidete Kugelhahn von Neotecha-Emerson eignet sich aufgrund seiner qualitativ hochwertigen Verarbeitung hervorragend um gute Standzeiten in den härtesten Prozessumgebungen zu erreichen. Zuverlässigkeit in den anspruchsvollsten korrosiven Anwendungen! "
Sampling valve for pharmaceutical applications from Guichon 616M/ 655M
Sampling valve for pharmaceutical applications
Das Probenahmeventil 616M von Guicon ist speziell für die Anwendung im Pharmabereich konzipiert. Die Armatur ist totraumfrei, hat innen und außen polierte Oberflächen bzw. verfügt über einen Pot, um Produktproben direkt entnehmen zu können.
Somas-Ball segment valve, wafer design, short face-to-face dimension-KVTW-D
Ball segment valve, wafer design, short face-to-face dimension
"The unique system of a shaft with a clamping coupling was developed by Somas for backlash-free torque transmission and enables extremely precise control behaviour. The Somas ball segment valves type KVTW with a centrically mounted shaft and type KVXW with an eccentrically mounted shaft are produced in a wafer version. The D-version of the valve is produced with a short length. The valve is also produced in the A-version with the standard length (see Si-113). The valve body of the wafer type ball segment valves is produced in one piece. The spring seat is available in three material alternatives (PTFE, PTFE 53 and HiCo [high cobalt alloy])."
Ball segment valve, wafer design, standard face-to-face dimension
"The unique system of a shaft with a clamping coupling was developed by Somas for backlash-free torque transmission and enables extremely precise control behaviour. The valve body of the Somas wafer type ball segment valve KVTW-A / KVXW-A is produced in one piece. The spring seat is available in three material alternatives (PTFE, PTFE 53 and HiCo [high cobalt alloy]). The type KVTW with a centrically mounted shaft, as well as the type KVXW with an eccentrically mounted shaft are produced in a wafer version. The A-version of the valve is produced in the standard long lengths typical of the market. The valve is also produced in the D-version with a shorter length (see Si-114). "
DIN safety relief valve
Flanged safety valve for the low and high pressure range according to DIN. For a very huge range of applications. The Tosaca safety valve DIN 1400 is available in different materials and designs and can therefore cover an extreme range of applications. Because of a big stock of different kind of valve bodys and many different trims, nothing stands in the way of quick deliveries. The valves can also be equipped with other additional options. Various approvals ensure that these valves are also used in very demanding industries.
DIN on/off and control globe valve, "stellite" version
"Shut-off control valve with a Stellite seat and a pressure balanced cone (from DN200) as well as linear flow characteristics. Available with a gland seal or bellows seal. For nominal diameters from DN15 - DN400 Can be used in temperature ranges of -60°C to +550°C depending on the choice of material."
Double eccentric butterfly valve
The double eccentric butterfly valve ROCO wave is designed for water applications. The valve is characterised by high energy efficiency, a flow-optimised design, minimal pressure losses and continuous corrosion protection. The connection between the shaft and valve disc is covered by a polygon connection. The double eccentric butterfly valve has a modular actuator concept through the use of a handwheel, electric actuator, stem extension, weight-loaded hydraulic actuator, pneumatic actuator or chainwheel.
Non slam nozzle check valve
ERHARD nozzle check valves are designed for universal use and are particularly economical check valves for untreated and potable water as well as purified waste water due to their design. Special features include the ultra-low pressure loss due to optimised flow cross-sections, a flow-efficient valve disc and valve stem gasket, as well as optimum hydraulic behaviour with short closing travel to minimise pressure surges.
Control valve
ERHARD control valves type RV are designed for throttling and regulation in water treatment and water distribution plants as well as in hydropower plants. The slotted bush also provides optimum flow behaviour for harmless energy conversion. The control valve is ideally suited for continuous operation during cavitation. The ERHARD control valve is available with a handwheel, electric actuator, hydraulic or pneumatic piston actuator. A straight or angle version is possible.
PTFE lined butterfly valve, CST economy, ChemValve-Schmid
PTFE lined butterfly valve
The ChemValve-Schmid butterfly valve CST is the world's leading modular PTFE lined butterfly valve. The PTFE lined valve is produced to the highest quality standards for the safe handling of aggressive media. It is designed for the use with highly chemical media and is therefore used in almost all industries. Spherical structural elements reduce friction and therefore increase the service life.

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Our extensive product range includes industrial valves from leading international manufacturers for almost all applications and areas of use.

Ball valves
We are used in a variety of ways. For reliable on/off and control applications. Our wide selection of metal and soft seated ball valves ensures the best leakage rates in a wide range of applications. Low pipe resistances, high surface quality and materials such as ceramic, PTFE or Hi-Co make our valves resistant, even with abrasive media. Our ball valves are available in all common nominal diameters, connection types and standards (DIN and ANSI) and carry the most diverse certificates.
Ball segment valves
We work economically. For a linear control characteristic at a high flow rate. Somas ball segment valves are used wherever processes place the highest demands on a valve, such as in a digester during pulp production. The valves are flow-optimised to prevent deposits, work more efficiently due to their small nominal diameters and, in combination with a pneumatic actuator and positioner, form a flexible unit with a large, precise control range and excellent tightness.
Absperrklappen-Quadax-4-fach-exzentrische -Hochleistungsklappe-840x400-112
Butterfly and control valves
We are eccentric. For high performance and no maintenance. In addition to centric butterfly valves for simple applications (e.g. water, low cellulose content), our eccentric butterfly and control valves are used wherever peak performance is required. They offer reliability and excellent tightness at high pressure, extreme temperatures, high fibre content and high Kv values, while at the same time offering high resistance to aggressive media. Our double and triple offset eccentric butterfly valves are also characterised by low wear, no friction and no maintenance. The Quadax© four offset eccentric butterfly valve reliably retains its tightness even at the most extreme high and low temperatures.
Knife gate valves
We put a stop to everything. Reliable shut-off operations with high contents of solid and suspended matter. Knife gate valves are used where butterfly valves reach their limits, such as in the waste water sector and in sewage treatment plants, in the chemical industry or in mining. They work effectively with sludge, bulk material, waste water and contaminated or viscous media. Materials like stainless steel and higher-grade steels prove their worth in corrosive and abrasive media. With 50 years of experience in the pulp and paper industry, Orbinox products are equipped for the toughest process conditions. Knife gate valves are particularly suitable for fibrous media, while reject valves cannot be affected by solids.
Gate Valves/ Wedge gate valves

We drive a wedge in between.
For minimal pressure drop.

V-shaped wedge gate valves are optimised for fully open or closed conditions and provide a free flow with low flow resistance at all pressure stages. As metal seated or rubberised variants, they are mainly used in water, steam, waste water, chemical, oil and gas applications.

Whether wedge gate valves or oval valves – a wide variety of models, connection types, approvals as well as the DIN or ANSI version – our manufacturers JC, Bombas Borja or RT-Valvole offer a wide range of applications.

Check valves

We don’t swim against the flow.
For tightness in the opposite direction to the flow.

Our check valves are used in all industrial processes, especially in the pulp and paper, water treatment, chemical and food sectors.

A large selection of manufacturers gives us the opportunity to offer valves tailored to the project: from simple designs and price-performance winners to very robust variants, Orbinox, Chemvalve Schmid, Erhard, Bombas Borja, JC or RT offers the right check valve in our range.

Safety valves

We relieve pressure.
For reliable protection of your investment.

30 years of experience deliver safety: As a specialist manufacturer of safety valves, Tosaca offers a comprehensive standard range with a wide nominal diameter range made of different materials for customers in the chemical or petrochemical industry, the pulp and paper industry and many other process applications.

Tosaca pressure relief and safety valves comply with all international and regional standards, respond reliably in overpressure conditions and therefore protect downstream valves and measuring equipment.

Strainer valves

Nothing can get by.
For effective protection against damage from foreign bodies.

In particular in the areas of fresh water supply, water treatment and water distribution, in dams and power plants and industry, strainer valves prevent the unwanted ingress of foreign bodies and therefore protect valves, control valves and measuring equipment.

A long product life cycle and low maintenance costs make these valves profitable. Low pressure loss and adequate maintenance access are a prerequisite for their use.

Needle valves

For minimum cavitation and maximum protection of your plant components.

Erhard valves optimise the flow through decreasing ring cross-sections in such a way that cavitation damage is prevented and the service life of the valves is considerably increased.

The single-piece needle valves provide safe regulation of pressure stages and flow rates with linear control characteristics.

The valves that are equipped with additional corrosion protection are mainly used in water applications.

Globe valves

We provide individual regulation.
For the precise control of process control stages.

Whatever your process needs, we get it regulated, even under the most difficult process conditions: Whether with a control cone or as a globe valve version, manually operated or automated, the wide range of straight way, angle or three-way valves is available in a wide variety of materials, for all pressure stages and in the common DIN and ANSI standards.

The individual adaptation of the globe valves from our manufacturers Badger Meter, Wakmet or LDM to the respective task brings precise control accuracy in a wide control range.

Pinch valves

We are made for tough applications.
For a tight seal with minimal friction resistance.

Whether emulsions, sludge, dusty or gaseous substances, compressed air, powders, granulates, pellets, etc. – RF’s pinch valves reach their full potential wherever abrasive, corrosive or fibrous products are to be shut off or regulated.

When open, the valve ensures a free flow rate – to ensure no deposits and minimal friction resistance.

Advanced technologies ensure a long service life for the hose sleeve, which is optimised for maintenance via a wear sensor and is extremely easy to use because it can be replaced in its installed condition.

The valves can also be easily installed in existing pipes or replace existing valves

Sampling valves

We take it all out.
For safe process analysis.

Sampling systems must ensure cleaner and safe intervention in the closed production process. In the case of our manufacturers Orbinox, JC and Guichon, samples are extracted from pipes or tanks with the most different operating principles (ball valve, piston or ball construction).

This selection allows our customers to find the right system for them. JC’s special solution is particularly suitable for long-fibred media, media containing solids or powders and is mainly used in the pulp and paper industry.

Ceramic valves

We are the hardest.
For high wear resistance.

Fully or partially lined ceramic ball valves, disc valves and pipe wear protection parts are useful when high pressure, temperature, abrasion or corrosion places excessive stress on conventional valves.

Ceramic components increase the service life of control and butterfly valves exposed to abrasive, corrosive or solid media such as flue ash, limewater, lime mud, kaolin and other acids and alkalis.

Bottom outlet valves

We embody the pure emptiness.
For efficient and safe tank emptying.

Bottom outlet valves are used in particular for highly viscous media, for powders, gas, liquids with high solid content or wherever hazardous media, high pressure or high temperatures are prevalent. Wherever deposits are critical, piston valves provide a cavity free option.

With a large variety of materials and the corresponding accessories, the bottom outlet valve can be adapted to any situation and plant.

Diaphragm valves

Even the hardest lumps are powerless against our gentle embrace.
For tightness and durability with media containing solids.

Diaphragm valves remain robust even under the highest chemical stress. Their elastic diaphragm encloses solid parts and seals reliably. At the same time, wear is kept to a minimum.

Diaphragm valves are therefore used wherever contaminated or solid media and salty water are used or chemical resistance is required.

Diaphragm valves with a free bore keep flow turbulence as low as possible and reduce the space where the product can settle or deposit. Diaphragm valves are therefore also very easy to clean. The additional FDA certification makes them suitable valves for the food industry.