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Technical advice and project support for plants, machines and components in the paper and pulp industry. Valves from a single source for systems in all industries.

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Maintain an overview and
we will take care of the details

You want to focus on the higher-level process, instead of losing yourself in the painstaking legwork amid the jungle of offers? You can. You can also sit back and relax knowing that the right products are used in your end customer’s process: As technical consultants, we also support planners and plant engineers with our many years of experience.

Know How

We are familiar with the requirements of the most diverse industries and process steps.

Our product recommendations are tailored to the respective process. We know where quality is essential and where cost efficiency is important. We know about the relevant specifications and design our products as high in quality as necessary, but we also know about potential savings and efficiency gains that can be achieved by adapting and choosing alternatives to oversized products.

Equipped for every requirement:

Paper applications

Our winning formula. For cost efficiency and planning certainty.

The scope of paper applications is as diverse as the requirements placed on the production plants. In addition to a wide range of valves, customers also search valves with a large operating range providing flexible use.

Avoid downtimes and waste!

To achieve the product quality required in stock preparation, we rely on control and butterfly valves that regulate the compliance with the surface weights, offering the highest precision. We also know which valve is the right one for our customers in the area of pulp dewatering application, so as to avoid fibre bundles and therefore quality defects.

Economical and robust!

For wastepaper applications, design adjustments in reject handling ensure perfect functionality. Customers search wear-resistant models in special paper production, amongst others: Ceramic valves prolong the service life and cost-effective products ensure economic efficiency.

Pulp applications

For low life cycle costs from wood chips to smooth fibres!

Corrosion and abrasion suppress the resistance of valves, especially in pulp dewatering, and the digester. This has a negative impact on economic efficiency and operational safety.

With a targeted selection of the design and material the area of digesters, washing, EDA and stock preparation, we make maintenance intervals calculable and prevent unplanned shutdowns.

High temperature

Tight and resistant – even if it’s getting hot.

In steam applications (boilers, blast furnaces) or a wide range of gas applications, such as in regeneration phases, in the flare line area in refineries or in engine testing facilities, temperatures occur at a level that requires a special selection of valves.

In order to guarantee leakage rates to suit customer requirements, through to complete tightness in the bore and to the outside, as well as to maintain the resistance and full functionality of the valve even at these high temperatures, materials such as high-temperature steel and special stainless steels are used. In addition, we also rely on special switching shafts and pack designs.

We also take care to choose the right type of valve, which is selected according to process data and customer requirements as well as general requirements (such as certifications or material analyses).

High pressure

For a long service life.

High-pressure applications are found in most industries, but above all in the oil and gas industry, the petrochemical industry, in power plant construction and in the gas storage part of many processes.

Contaminated media cause mechanical damage at high pressure and the resulting high flow rates. In addition, high leakage rates, high pressure drops and strong vibrations are problems that arise in high-pressure applications.

The aim is to ensure good operability despite high differential pressures, to achieve the best possible leakage rates, to reduce the pressure in the valves and to achieve low wear and tear in order to increase the service life of the valves.

It is important to select the correct type of valve as a first step. We also keep an eye on the best price-performance ratio in the course of our consulting. The service life is extended by high-quality materials that are chosen depending on the medium. To keep the leakage rate low, it is necessary to choose the correct version – soft or metal seated – or to generally choose linear or rotating valves.

Absperrklappen-Quadax-4-fach-exzentrische -Hochleistungsklappe-840x400-112
Low temperatures

Bring on the ice age. For full function despite ultra-low temperatures.

Cryogenic or low temperature technology – with falling temperatures in the process, the risk of iced-up valves, blocked mechanisms and a lack of tightness increases.

This applies in particular to processes with liquefied gases down to a temperature of minus 196°C, LNG (liquid natural gas) and media such as N2 (liquid nitrogen) in the pharmaceutical and food sector, O2 (oxygen) in the medical sector, liquid CO2 in food and industrial applications, as well as LAr (liquid argon) in welding applications, storage tanks, storage containers and transport lines.

In order to fully maintain the functionality and operability of the valve in these applications and to ensure the lowest leakage rates in the bore and to the outside, we use special shafts and packing designs, for example.

Abrasive media

Not only the hard ones get through. For greater operational reliability and failure reduction.

Media such as TiO², limewater (plaster), CaCO3 (GCC), salts, sand, scale or comparable solids or process residues are reasons for rapid and strong mechanical wear.

An inexpensive valve lined with elastomer or silicone or a pinch valve can already be the best solution.

But sometimes the material resistance, installation situation, flow rate, pressure and temperature make adjustments necessary. The Flowtec experts then recommend suitable housing shapes with the lowest pressure drop, harder metallic materials (duplex, hardened material), ceramic coatings and those with HiCo (STELLITE³ reg.TM) and tungsten carbide or also fully lined components made of SSIC, Al²O³, ZrO², SiNI or ceramic.

Chemical resistance

Unassailable! We ensure a relaxed life in an aggressive environment.

Not only aggressive media such as chlorine, acids and alkalis cause strong chemical wear. Even media that only become aggressive through a reaction (isolation) are a challenge for the resistance. In these cases, dead space in particular increases the chemical wear.

Corrosion doesn’t stand a chance at Flowtec:
The material and design of our valves can be adapted to the medium to ensure good resistance. In addition, dead space-free valves or corner valves can improve resistance.

Water and waste water

For tightness and durability.

The demands placed on valves in water applications are diverse. Absolute purity is required when handling drinking water in municipal water supply. At Flowtec, you will not only find the right valves, but also the corresponding certificates.

In the area of fresh water supply in industrial water supply, valves are exposed to increased wear due to solid substances and contaminated media in the process and utility water.

Corrosion and oxidation also play a role when it comes to the durability of valves in water applications, especially in salty water, such as in seawater desalination.

Tightness is called for in all these applications, but especially when it comes to waste water in sewage treatment plants.

To ensure durability, corrosion resistance and water purity, we rely on valves in high-quality materials such as Duplex or Superduplex. For example, our range of knife gate valves ensures tightness, reliably shutting off the flow in sewage treatment plants. The Hydromat is not deterred by mussel larvae; it closes the fresh water supply tightly at all times.


For safe operation.

In the power plant and hydropower sectors, high pressure and hydraulic shocks must be taken into account in addition to the general requirements for water applications.

The proper dimensioning of the valve helps to generate the optimum flow values. Needle valves or piston jet valves regulate the necessary pressure drop and our quick-release valves provide safety for emergency closures.

Dampf Energie-TTVColossus
Steam and energy

Full steam ahead. For economical and safe operation of all plants.

Energy is provided in form of steam in almost all production areas and processes – whether in factories, the heat supply, energy production or in hospitals.

Whether steam boilers, heating networks or steam applications: Production steam must be available at the right temperature. Damage to the installation due to an excessively high temperature and efficiency problems caused by a too low temperature should be avoided, as well as temperature fluctuations, which considerably reduce the service life of the boiler and turbine components.

The use of multi-stage control valves reduces unwanted differential pressures. They stand for accuracy and reliability. Properly designed control valves prevent cavitation and flashing and ensure that wear is kept to a minimum. When using manual valves, higher-quality materials extend the service life of the valve.

Media containing solids

A consulting matter. For robust solutions and trouble-free operation.

Bulk materials or sand in the mining sector, heavily contaminated media such as liquids or gases in the petrochemical industry, long or short-term media in the pulp and paper industry or general silo applications put the service life and functionality of valves to the test due to mechanical stress as well as jamming and blockages.

The aim is to use a robust valve to suit the respective application. The choice of the right design is the first priority. In individual consultations, we find the right type with the right material. To ensure reliable closing despite the solid substances, or also to sustainably prevent materials from getting between the plate and the seal while opening and closing the valve, a special solution to suit the requirements and budget may also be advantageous. These range from pinch valves, special bulk material gate valves or special ball valve designs to the Junk Trap.

Pharmaceutical applications

Nothing but the highest quality.
For chemical resistance and cavity-free processes.

The pharmaceutical industry places the highest demands on production processes and plant components such as valves.

In processes in the pharmaceutical industry, a sterile environment, purity in the process and no contamination are an absolute must. This is achieved in the valve sector by means of dead space and oil and grease-free valves. High-quality materials such as high-grade stainless steels or PTFE are used to ensure chemical resistance. Here we rely on valves from Chemvalve Schmid and Peter Meyer with the TEK ball valve.

Where the highest product quality is required, control of the media plays a major role: The cavity-free sampling valves from Guichon provide safety.


A reliable partner

With Flowtec as a partner, engineers also reduce their communication and coordination efforts: Thanks to our large product portfolio, we are able to supply complete solutions from a single source, both in the area of industrial valves in all industries as well as in the area of plants and machines in the pulp and paper industry.

With Flowtec as a partner, technicians also reduce their coordination and communication effort.

Our Topsellers for Plant Engineering

TTV Valves, doppelexzentrische Hochleistungsklappen, Type Colossus
Double eccentric, high performance butterfly valve Colossus

Die Doppelexzentrische Hochleistungs-Absperrklappe bietet eine dichte Absperrlösung für die anspruchsvollsten Anwendungen.

Weitere Varianten im Programm: Konzentrische, doppelt exzentrische und dreifach exzentrische Ausführung.

ICP Valves, 3-teiliger Kugelhahn
3-piece ball valves

The ICP Valves 3-piece ball valves have a 3-piece nody and are made of stainless steel, in a floating version with a full bore valve design.

– KH 140: Thread according to DIN 259/2999 (GAS)
– KH 141: Thread according to ASME B1.20.1 (NPT)
– KH 142: Socket weld ends according to ASME B16.11 & DIN 3239 part 2
– KH 143: Butt weld ends according to ASME B16.25 & DIN 3239 part 1
Marking: CE – PED
PN63 (up to 2”) / PN25 (2½“-4“)

JC Valves, DIN Flanschkugelhähne, kurze Bauform/schwimmend, Serie 516/540
DIN flanged ball valve, short pattern, floating

“The JC Valves flanged ball valve type 516 / 540 is a floating ball valve according to DIN with a short DIN face to face length.

The standard version of the ball valve includes a anti-blow out stem, an antistatic device, a pressure balancing cavity hole and a “”live loaded”” packing.

A large selection of materials makes the soft seated, floating DIN flanged ball valve flexible to use.
With a wide range of approvals (Fire Safe, Fugitive Emission, ATEX, TRCU, CRN, SIL 3, and many others), it can be used in virtually all industries. “

RT Valves, DIN Schieber, Gusskonstruktion
Metal seated DIN gate valve

“Metal seated RT Valvole gate valves in cast design are used when minimal pressure drop and/or a bi-directional ON/OFF operation is required.

All standard gate valves have a “”full bore”” because the wedge is completely retracted in the open position. This ensures minimal pressure drop.

* The housing material is made of cast steel.
* The valves have a bolted or pressure seal bonnet (for higher pressure) to achieve minimal turbulence and flow restrictions.
* Fixed, flexible or split wedge types are available.”

The right recommendation saves time and effort

"As a plant construction and planning company, we realise projects from a wide range of industries and sizes, each with very high quality requirements. It is important to find the right products for each individual project. We are also happy to rely on the expert advice and extensive expertise of Flowtec's employees: they save us a lot of research and recommend the right product. Flowtec also ensures that the project runs smoothly! Thank you for the great support!"
Markus Grubmair
Projektleitung / Bilfinger Industrial Services GmbH

Order is half the battle

For us, a project does not end with the order confirmation. We understand that our partners in planning and plant construction can only take a deep breath when all plant components are available at the right time and in the right place on the construction site. For this reason, we offer order picking according to individual planning specifications for all products supplied by us and take care of safe packaging as well as reliable delivery.

Just a few clicks to the desired fitting

Our product finder will help you find the fitting you are looking for. For personalised advice, please contact us directly.