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Industrial valves for
water & waste water technology

When water flows out of the taps in Austria’s second largest city, then on the 76.5 km long journey through the drinking water pipeline from the Hochschwab region, it has passed a series of pipe rupture valves (butterfly valves) from our manufacturer Erhard. But not only Graz, also other municipalities rely on our valves, which are suitable for drinking water and certified for water production and treatment, water distribution and industrial water supply.

For 100% tightness even under the greatest dynamic loads, we prefer to use products such as gate valves and butterfly valves in the drinking water sector instead of knife gate valves. Corrosion protection and clean water are guaranteed due to epoxy resin and enamel coatings as well as a special design.

Flowtec valves are also used in other areas where water is used as a medium, such as in hydropower plants, in desalination plants, in the waste water industry in municipal and industrial areas, in the fresh water supply and in municipal sewage treatment plants.

Those who rely on exceptional longevity and reliability throughout the entire water cycle rely on the comprehensive solutions from Erhard.

Clean work
in the waste water industry

Especially in the waste water sector, in sewage treatment plants and other processes with contaminated and chemically aggressive media, it is important, even more than in other areas, that absolute tightness is guaranteed at critical points such as on lines in maintenance walkways, shafts or at transitions between different process steps.
A long service life as well as the reliable opening and closing of the shut-off butterfly valve even after it has not been used for a longer period of time are requirements of our customers. Simple and fast maintenance or repairs are also an important criterion.

We not only want our products to work cleanly, but also that our customers can work in a clean environment.

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Sometimes you have to
let off pressure.
Big hydro solutions.

While most water applications operate at low pressure ranges, the big hydro sector is characterised by extremely high pressure ranges and overpressures. The reduction of excess energy is an industry-specific challenge.

That is why we pay particular attention to an optimum choice of valves. For example, fixed cone valves must meet very special requirements with respect to energy reduction as part of the controlled discharge of the reservoir. The energy is converted by means of umbrella-like atomisation, cavitation and vibration problems are avoided and therefore buildings are protected.


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Salt applications need increased corrosion protection

Stainless steel is also not safe from corrosion if it is permanently exposed to aggressive media, such as salt, for example in desalination plants. For environments of this type we therefore offer high-quality materials, such as Superduplex, with which corrosion doesn't stand a chance.

Our topseller for the water & waste water technology

TTV Valves, Zwischenflansch-/ Anflansch-Absperrklappen
Wafer / lug type butterfly valve

The TTV centric flanged / double flanged butterfly valve is available in a wide range of materials.

Depending on the application, the seats are available in the most common material EPDM or NBR, but also in different types of silicone, Hypalon, Nordel, Viton and many others.

Suitable for all industries and the most diverse applications due to the different choice of seats.

Depending on the application, available in the most common material EPDM or NBR and in different types of silicone, Hypalon, Nordel, Viton and many others.


Orbinox, Schieber, Type EB
Bi-directional knife gate valve

“The gate valve model EB from Orbinox is a bi-directional wafer type knife gate valve.

The knife gate valve was designed for waste water treatment applications.

The design of the housing and seat ensures blockage-free shut-off when using suspended solids in many areas.”

Erhard, Düsenrückschlagventil
Non slam nozzle check valve

ERHARD nozzle check valves are designed for universal use and are particularly economical check valves for untreated and potable water as well as purified waste water due to their design.

Special features include the ultra-low pressure loss due to optimised flow cross-sections, a flow-efficient valve disc and valve stem gasket, as well as optimum hydraulic behaviour with short closing travel to minimise pressure surges.

ERHARD Roco Wave
Double eccentric butterfly valve

The double eccentric butterfly valve ROCO wave is designed for water applications.

The valve is characterised by high energy efficiency, a flow-optimised design, minimal pressure losses and continuous corrosion protection.
The connection between the shaft and valve disc is covered by a polygon connection.

The double eccentric butterfly valve has a modular actuator concept through the use of a handwheel, electric actuator, stem extension, weight-loaded hydraulic actuator, pneumatic actuator or chainwheel.