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Industrial valves
for the steel industry

A seemingly simple material
with a variety of process requirements

Even if the steel industry in Austria, with a few large groups such as voestalpine AG or Böhler Edelstahl, does not appear to be excessively significant, the steel industry and metal goods production generate one fifth of the added industrial value and Austria has achieved an above-average specialisation in these sectors compared to the EU.

As negligible the number of companies in the industry may seem, as diverse are the requirements placed on valves used in the processes. High temperatures, high water consumption, high and low pressure as well as chemical resistance and the use of a wide range of media: these call for all-rounders, both in terms of products and consulting. That’s exactly why you are in good hands with us: Whether a blast furnace or water circuit, we will guide you to the right valve.

As a wholesaler for industrial valves, we are proud that we can count Austria's industry leaders from the steel industry among our customers.

Our topsellers for the steel industry

TTV Valves, doppelexzentrische Hochleistungsklappen, Type Colossus
Double eccentric, high performance butterfly valve Colossus

Die Doppelexzentrische Hochleistungs-Absperrklappe bietet eine dichte Absperrlösung für die anspruchsvollsten Anwendungen.

Weitere Varianten im Programm: Konzentrische, doppelt exzentrische und dreifach exzentrische Ausführung.

JC Valves, DIN Flanschkugelhähne, kurze Bauform/schwimmend, Serie 516/540
DIN flanged ball valve, short pattern, floating

“The JC Valves flanged ball valve type 516 / 540 is a floating ball valve according to DIN with a short DIN face to face length.

The standard version of the ball valve includes a anti-blow out stem, an antistatic device, a pressure balancing cavity hole and a “”live loaded”” packing.

A large selection of materials makes the soft seated, floating DIN flanged ball valve flexible to use.
With a wide range of approvals (Fire Safe, Fugitive Emission, ATEX, TRCU, CRN, SIL 3, and many others), it can be used in virtually all industries. “

Quadax, 4-fach exzentrische Hochleistungsklappe
4-offset-eccentric metal seated high performance Quadax butterfly valve

“Thanks to its four offset eccentric design and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, the Quadax valve meets the highest tightness requirements in 100% of cases.
Due to the innovative design principle, even extreme temperatures ranging from –270°C to 800°C are not a problem.

The output cone used on the butterfly is elliptical. The section under a particular angle results in a circular and therefore larger sealing area. As a result, the four offset eccentric high-performance valve is friction-free, has higher Kv values and with absolute tightness.

Available in double flange, lug type, butt weld, gate valve replacement and top entry”

Herberholz, Ring-, Drossel- / Abdichtklappe, Type RD / RA, 33 / 34
Butterfly valve damper

The throttle valves RD and RA are designed as a wafer type valve with a centric valve disc and are suitable for operating temperatures up to 800°C, depending on the choice of material.

For flanges according to DIN EN 1092-1 or ASME B16.5 / ASME B16.47. Lengths according to the company standard.
Connecting flange for actuators to DIN EN ISO 5211.
Testing according to DIN EN 12266.

RD without seat (leakage approx. 1% of surface equivalent),
RA with metal travel stop ring (leakage approx. 0.5% of surface equivalent),
RA with seal ring (leakage approx. 0.3% of surface equivalent),
RA with metal travel stop ring with seal ring (leakage approx. 0.1% of surface equivalent)

Product tip

Ensuring that you are not up to your neck in water:
the Hydromat

Contamination and vegetation introduced via the fresh water demand tougher requirements, but still no special challenges to the closing behaviour of valves. But in some regions, foreign bodies settle in the pipes, which represent too much resistance for valves to close tightly:

As stowaways on board ships on the River Danube, shells from maritime regions enter the Danube and the fresh water pipes of plants on the Danube. Once established in the pipes, they influence the tightness of standard butterfly valves. In addition to increased water consumption when the valves are in a closed position, their inability to close fully is also a problem in areas that are supposed to be drained for maintenance purposes.

In order to ensure that our customers on the Danube are always dry and their water consumption remains efficient, we have found a solution in a particularly robust valve: The Hydromat from Tröger + Entenmann is a centric butterfly valve with a powerful sealing principle – nothing stands in the way of it closing – and so it remains reliably tight.

Outside the standards

Why we do like to be involved in customer projects right from the start? Because this gives us the opportunity to understand the problem exactly and to be able to offer the right solution.
More about our customised solutions

The TTV - Colossus

Can it cost
a little less?

From our point of view, the right solution is the valve that meets the respective requirements at the right price.

The TTV – Colossus double eccentric high-performance butterfly valve, for example, is an interesting choice in terms of price, especially when high quantities are needed. The investment paid off as part of the construction of a new cogeneration plant and the entire plant was equipped with TTV – Colossus valves in all hot water areas.

The TTV – Colossus with its PTFE seal is suitable for special applications in the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries and with a metal seal, it ensures a reliable tightness during operation at a wide range of pressures and temperatures in both directions. Different models are available and adapted accordingly for specific operating conditions.

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