Plant engineering
for pulp and paper production

We support customers in the pulp and paper industry with new investments, conversions and optimisations and recommend complete plants, machines, systems and wear parts that are suitable for the respective project.

Plant engineering – pulp and paper

Experience provides certainty.

Since we were founded more than 20 years ago, we have been partners of the pulp-producing and processing industry as well as the paper industry in Austria and large parts of Europe. That’s why we know the processes and special needs of the industry like no other. Over time, the demands placed on the pulp qualities and therefore also the production processes have changed several times. We have grown up with these changes and now have extensive process knowledge and experience in this sector.

Professional consulting support ensures the highest quality.

Our partners

Complete plants, systems, spare and wear parts

Our partners are experts in their field. They supply individual machines as well as complete plants for the pulp and paper industry, high-quality paper machines or complete plants for stock preparation. We can also plan and realise complete plants with our suppliers when it comes to new builds and retrofits, from bale feeding to roll cutters. We supply our customers with spare and wear parts in day-to-day business.

In the pulp sector, we rely on brands such as AFT for fibre screening. Bellmer impresses not only in waste water treatment, thickening or reject handling. We rely on manufacturers like Ceramant for wear parts.

All brands for the process areas – wood yard, digester house, washing, screening, bleachery, dewatering, drying, bale packaging as well as stock preparation, paper production, from reject and sludge applications and filter, waste water and wear technology products – can be found here at a glance:

Pulp technology
Paper machine
Stock preparation
Waste water treatment
Reject and sludge applications
Wear technology
Consulting & project support

Complete plants, systems,
spare and wear parts

With our broad process knowledge, we provide consulting support to planners, plant engineering and construction companies and end customers. Our solutions cover the area of stock preparation with fresh fibres and waste paper, from the unravelling of bales and the headbox to the roll cutter in paper production.

As a trading partner, we also recommend and arrange the appropriate system suppliers, plants and machines as well as spare and wear parts. We have one goal: the long-term success and satisfaction of our customers. Close cooperation especially in terms of new investments, extensions and upgrades is so natural for us that we often forget that we are not part of our customer’s team.


Good is not enough.

Flowtec is the right partner not only in the planning of new investments. We help our customers to optimise their existing plants. We provide consulting on conversions and extensions in order to eliminate capacity bottlenecks, improve quality and recommend innovative wear parts such as special screen basket or rotor technologies to increase the service life when their plant has permanently reached its limits.

In targeted audits, we show potential for quality improvements, energy savings, process simplifications and greater sustainability through a reduction in fibre consumption, fresh water consumption and energy consumption.

You can do better!
Increase the efficiency of your systems and machines.

We won't leave you in the lurch!

While for others, the project may end with successful negotiations, we do not abandon our customers and partner companies as quickly as possible: We support them in the implementation through all project phases through to the completion of the commissioning and a successful handover.
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Sales Manager Plant engineering - Pulp & Paper
Michael Kremsner

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