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    Xtreme disc check valve forged

    Type DSL (ChemValve-Schmid)
    Pressure: 160
    Nominal size: 15 - 150

    The forged ChemValve-Schmid check valve DSL is designed for high pressure and high temperature environments due to its special housing design.

    The wide range of different materials allows to use it for corrosive media and operating temperatures up to 500°C.

    The check valve DSL can be used in all industrial processes with liquids, gases and steam.

    Wall mounted penstock

    Type MU (Orbinox)
    Pressure: 1
    Nominal size: 150 - 4000

    “With the wall penstock type MU, Orbinox offers a wall penstock with a four-sided sealing penstock for fixing to the wall for waste water technology, irrigation, hydropower utilisation and other applications.

    Welded design in stainless steel (1.4301 / 1.4571) with a bolted-on elastomer seal.
    Many design options for different dimensions and operating pressures.

    Actuator types: Manual operation, electric actuator, hydraulic actuator.”

    Wafer type swing check valve

    Type CSC / CSCF ()
    Pressure: 40
    Nominal size: 50 - 1000

    The check valve CSC / CSCF offers efficient performance in a small space.

    A robust shaft and a defined end stop guarantee an above-average service life. The angled shaft seat ensures improved seat tightness even at low pressures. The valve can also be equipped with a spring that supports the closing process. The large number of turns of the optional spring prevents overloading and guarantees long-lasting durability.

    The check valve CSC / CSCF can be used in all industrial processes with liquids, gases and steam.

    Wafer style knife gate valve for reject and discharge applications

    Type CR (Orbinox)
    Pressure: 7
    Nominal size: 100-600

    “The model CR from Orbinox is a wafer valve designed for problematic applications.

    The two-piece housing with a round inlet and square outlet, which is larger than the inlet, avoids blockages.

    The wafer valve is generally used for recycling applications, such as junk or sand traps on pulpers, high density cleaners, screening or as a silo outlet with solid material.

    Wafer / lug type butterfly valve

    Type 20W/L9040 (TTV)
    Pressure: PN10/16/ANSI150
    Nominal size: DN32-600

    The TTV centric flanged / double flanged butterfly valve is available in a wide range of materials.

    Depending on the application, the seats are available in the most common material EPDM or NBR, but also in different types of silicone, Hypalon, Nordel, Viton and many others.

    Suitable for all industries and the most diverse applications due to the different choice of seats.

    Depending on the application, available in the most common material EPDM or NBR and in different types of silicone, Hypalon, Nordel, Viton and many others.


    Valve for hydraulic works, bonneted gate

    Type BU (Orbinox)
    Pressure: bis 20 bar
    Nominal size: bis 2500x3500

    “The control and gate valve from Orbinox is a special rectangular valve for the shut-off or control of water in dams, pumping processes and in hydropower plants.

    The gate valve is a sturdy welded design and offers a variety of design options to suit the dimensions, operating pressure or required material.

    Actuator types: Hydraulic, electric actuator, manual operation.”