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Our valve finder will help you find the right butterfly valve and control valve for your requirements. Searched and not found? Our range goes much further. For special products and individual advice, please contact us directly.

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    4-offset-eccentric metal seated high performance Quadax butterfly valve

    Pressure: 10 / 16 / 25 / 40 / 63 / 100 / 160
    Nominal size: 50 - 1800

    “Thanks to its four offset eccentric design and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, the Quadax valve meets the highest tightness requirements in 100% of cases.
    Due to the innovative design principle, even extreme temperatures ranging from –270°C to 800°C are not a problem.

    The output cone used on the butterfly is elliptical. The section under a particular angle results in a circular and therefore larger sealing area. As a result, the four offset eccentric high-performance valve is friction-free, has higher Kv values and with absolute tightness.

    Available in double flange, lug type, butt weld, gate valve replacement and top entry”

    Butterfly valve damper

    Type RD / RA (Herberholz)
    Pressure: max. 2bar
    Nominal size: DN50 -DN400

    The throttle valves RD and RA are designed as a wafer type valve with a centric valve disc and are suitable for operating temperatures up to 800°C, depending on the choice of material.

    For flanges according to DIN EN 1092-1 or ASME B16.5 / ASME B16.47. Lengths according to the company standard.
    Connecting flange for actuators to DIN EN ISO 5211.
    Testing according to DIN EN 12266.

    RD without seat (leakage approx. 1% of surface equivalent),
    RA with metal travel stop ring (leakage approx. 0.5% of surface equivalent),
    RA with seal ring (leakage approx. 0.3% of surface equivalent),
    RA with metal travel stop ring with seal ring (leakage approx. 0.1% of surface equivalent)

    Butterfly valve Hydromat®

    Type Hydromat® (Tröger + Entenmann)
    Pressure: '10 / 16
    Nominal size: 150 - 1400

    Der HYDROMAT® ist eine extrem robuste Absperrklappe mit zentrisch gelagerter Klappenscheibe, die durch bewährte konstruktive Merkmale eine jahrzehntelange Betriebssicherheit gewährleistet und somit Kosten spart, da keine unnötigen Reparaturen anfallen.

    Butterfly valve, low temperatur

    Type VSS LT (Somas)
    Pressure: 25
    Nominal size: 80-500

    "The Somas butterfly valve type VSS LT is designed for a wide range of liquids, gases and steam for temperatures down to -196°C (-320°F). The valve can be designed as a control, on/off or manual valve. The VSS LT valve can be supplied in a wafer and lugged design. The valve has a triple eccentric valve design. The unique shape of the disc enables the use of a solid stainless steel seat. The solid seat remains unaffected by high flow velocities and provides good valve function, even in the most difficult applications."

    Centric flanged / double flanged butterfly valve


    Double block and bleed valve

    Type Typ DBBV (Control Seal)
    Pressure: ANSI 150 - ANSI 2500 (~PN20 - 420)
    Nominal size: 1" - 48"

    The double block and bleed valve guarantees 100 % tightness due to the special rotary-lift movement. No loss of expensive media! The double block and bleed valve can be used instead of 2 gate valves so that the cavity can be completely emptied at all times. The special opening and closing method minimises wear and ensures a long service life.