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Our valve finder will help you find the right check valve for your requirements. Searched and not found? Our range goes much further. For special products and individual advice, please contact us directly.

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    ANSI piston check valves

    Type R800 (JC Valves)
    Pressure: 138bar
    Nominal size: 1/2" - 2"

    "The JC Valves piston check valve R800 is designed with either bolted (NPT) or welded (SW) ends. The piston check valve is mainly used in the oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, energy and mining industries."

    ANSI swing check valve

    Type VR150BB / VR300BB / VR600BB / VR900BB / VR1500BB / VR2500BB / VR900PS / VR1500PS / VR2500PS (JC Valves)
    Pressure: 10 - 172bar
    Nominal size: 2" - 36"

    "The JC Valves check valve is designed with either a bolted or pressure seal bonnet. Both variants are designed in such a way that the disc and seat can be replaced. The valve is designed according to ANSI. These housing check valves are mainly used in the oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, energy and mining industries."

    Check valve

    Type ERK (ERHARD)
    Pressure: '10 / 16 / 25 / 40
    Nominal size: 150 - 1400

    ERHARD check valves are tried and tested double offset valves in a short weight-saving length. The freely oscillating valve disc has a flow-friendly design. The shaft bearings are designed to be maintenance-free and self-lubricating. Further advantages include the rolled up, solid housing seat ring and the disc seat ring with an elastic fine seal. These check valves are also available with a hydraulic damping device.

    DIN piston check valve

    Type ZV226 / 336 & ZV227 / 237 (LDM Valves)
    Pressure: PN16-PN40
    Nominal size: DN15 - DN200

    “LDM piston check valves are self-acting valves to prevent unwanted backflows. They are designed for long-term and maintenance-free operation.

    Depending on the version, the valves are closed by the weight or by an additional spring.
    These models are also available in oil and grease-free versions.
    Nominal diameters from DN15 – DN200
    Nominal pressure PN16-PN40
    Temperature range of -10°C to +400°C

    DIN swing check valve, forged

    Type KZS / KZK (Wakmet)
    Pressure: 16 / 40 / 100 / 160 / 250 / 320 / 400 / 500
    Nominal size: 50 - 500

    Wakmet check valves prevent the backflow of medium into the pipe.

    The forged welded design prevents material defects such as cracks or porosity and excludes non-metallic impurities.

    A completely open disc provides a full bore so the flow rate remains unaffected. A version with a bypass valve is available on request.

    The metal seated DIN check valves KZS/KZK are mainly used in the energy sector for energy applications as well as in the pulp and paper industry.

    Disc check valve

    Type CSD / CVD (ChemValve-Schmid)
    Pressure: 40
    Nominal size: 15 - 350

    The check valve CSD / CVD is robust, economical and reliable. The solid and efficient design ensures low overall costs. Furthermore, the form-fitting connection of the spring cap to the housing secures all moving parts. In addition, the opening pressure can be individually adjusted by using different springs. Thanks to the valve plate guide through the ribbed housing, a longer service life can be achieved. The check valve is used for liquids, gases and steam in all industrial processes.