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Our valve finder will help you find the right diaphragm valve for your requirements. Searched and not found? Our range goes much further. For special products and individual advice, contact us directly.

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    Diaphragm valve

    Type FD (ERHARD)
    Pressure: '10
    Nominal size: 15 - 200

    ERHARD diaphragm valves are designed for on-off, controlling and monitoring and are therefore industrial valves suitable for individual applications. The type FD has a full port. It is characterised by tight closing even with particles in the media. The hood and pressure piece do not come into contact with the medium. These diaphragm valves are also equipped with lift restriction as standard. The diaphragm valves are available with numerous actuator types for manual and automatic operation. These valves are designed for universal use due to the combinations of housing and diaphragm materials individually adapted to the medium.

    Plastic diaphragm valve

    Type EXTREME series (CEPEX)
    Pressure: '10
    Nominal size: 15 - 50

    The plastic CEPEX diaphragm valves can be used both to shut off and control liquids.

    The ball valves made entirely of plastic bring advantages in terms of resistance to chemicals. The EXTREME series is designed for special requirements and can therefore be used in steel plants, chemical plants or the oil industry.

    The plastic diaphragm valves can be operated either manually or also automatically. The model is available in a wide variety of plastics (PVC-U, CPVC, PP-H, PVDF and ABS).