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Our valve finder will help you find the right needle valve for your requirements. Searched and not found? Our range goes much further. For special products and individual advice, contact us directly.

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    Fixed cone valve

    Type CH (Orbinox)
    Pressure: 16
    Nominal size: bis DN3500

    “The Orbinox fixed cone valve type CH is a special round valve for the shut-off or control of water in dams, pumping processes and in hydropower plants.

    The gate valve in a sturdy welded design is available in many design options depending on the dimensions, operating pressure or required material. “

    Needle valve

    Type RKS / RKV (ERHARD)
    Pressure: '10 / 16 / 25 / 40 / 63 / 100 / 160
    Nominal size: 100 - 2000

    ERHARD needle valves are innovative valves for the safe control of pressure stages and flow rates. The control valves type RKS/RKV are characterised above all by optimised flow behaviour and ultra-low pressure losses when fully open. The control range can extend up to 96%. There are different control inserts for each area of application in order to cover all operating cases: a vaned ring, slotted cylinder, pipe cylinder and other special inserts. The needle valves have a wide main seal in the cavitation-free space and also an additional shaft seal.