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    ANSI Schmutzfänger ( Guss- oder Schmiedekonstruktion)

    Pressure: ANSI 150 - 2500
    Nominal size: 1/2" - 24"

    The Flowtec ANSI strainer valves are used to filter out solids from the medium. They are available in different mesh sizes. Special designs are also possible.

    DIN strainer

    Type FP110 / FP210 / FP220 / FP230 (LDM Valves)
    Pressure: PN16 bis PN40 (GG25 bis PN16, GGG40 bis PN25)
    Nominal size: DN15 - DN200 (GG25 bis DN400)

    “The flanged strainers FP 110, 210, 220, 230 are pipe elements to clean mechanical impurities out of the medium.

    The strainers excel with a robust body construction made of stainless steel and the possibility to clean the media without having to dismantle the bonnet.

    The LDV Valves DIN strainer valves are designed with an angle seat and a flange connection.
    The strainer valves are available in different mesh sizes and lengths according to DIN 558-1 GR 1.
    Depending on the type, different housing materials are available such as GG25, GGG40, 1.0619, 1.4581 and others are available on request. The strainer material is stainless steel.

    ATEX, TA-Luft certificates as well as oil and grease-free versions are available on request.”

    DIN strainer, forged

    Type 822 / 823 / 912 / 922 / 932 (Wakmet)
    Pressure: 40 / 63 / 100 / 160
    Nominal size: 15 - 300

    Wakmet strainer valves made of forged steel reliably protect pipes and components from contamination and damage.
    Wakmet strainer valves can be supplied with a drain plug on request.

    Depending on the model, the temperature ranges extend up to 530°C (up to ≤ 200°C for PTFE).

    The Wakmet metal seated DIN strainer valves (Type 822/ 823/ 912/ 922/ 932) are mainly used in the energy sector as well as in the pulp and paper industry.
    Depending on the type, they are suitable for media such as water, steam, acids, alkalis, non-aggressive and non-toxic media as well as some also for gas, fuel and sea water.