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Our valve finder will help you find the right knive gate valve for your requirements. Searched and not found? Our range goes much further. For special products and individual advice, please contact us directly.

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    3-piece ball valves

    Type KH140 / KH141 / KH142 / KH143 (ICP Valves)
    Pressure: 25 / 63
    Nominal size: 8 - 100

    The ICP Valves 3-piece ball valves have a 3-piece nody and are made of stainless steel, in a floating version with a full bore valve design.

    – KH 140: Thread according to DIN 259/2999 (GAS)
    – KH 141: Thread according to ASME B1.20.1 (NPT)
    – KH 142: Socket weld ends according to ASME B16.11 & DIN 3239 part 2
    – KH 143: Butt weld ends according to ASME B16.25 & DIN 3239 part 1
    Marking: CE – PED
    PN63 (up to 2”) / PN25 (2½“-4“)

    3-way ball valve, soft seated, compact design

    Type Typ FT4 / FT6 / FZ4 / FZ6 (Adler)
    Pressure: '10 - 64 / 150 - 600
    Nominal size: 8 - 150

    Due to its compact design, the Adler 3-way ball valve is a space-saving variant of the flanged 3-way ball valves.

    The ball is fully bored and can be designed with an “L” or “T” bore. The valve is made of steel or stainless steel and can be produced as a wafer design ball valve or with female thread.

    3-way control valve

    Type RC230 (USA: Typ 564 / 1118) (Badger Meter)
    Pressure: max. 100 bar
    Nominal size: 1/4", 1/2", 3/4", 1"

    The Badger Meter 3-way control valve RC230 stands for very precise control.

    It is particularly suitable for the control of liquids, gases or steam in general industry, research, development and pilot plants.

    Due to its compact size, this 3-way control valve is particularly suitable for the dosing of additives, for sampling and for hydraulic systems with small flow rates. The valve is designed as standard with an NPT female thread.

    4-offset-eccentric metal seated high performance Quadax butterfly valve

    Pressure: 10 / 16 / 25 / 40 / 63 / 100 / 160
    Nominal size: 50 - 1800

    “Thanks to its four offset eccentric design and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, the Quadax valve meets the highest tightness requirements in 100% of cases.
    Due to the innovative design principle, even extreme temperatures ranging from –270°C to 800°C are not a problem.

    The output cone used on the butterfly is elliptical. The section under a particular angle results in a circular and therefore larger sealing area. As a result, the four offset eccentric high-performance valve is friction-free, has higher Kv values and with absolute tightness.

    Available in double flange, lug type, butt weld, gate valve replacement and top entry”

    Accessories for actuators

    Type A-Actuators (Somas)

    The Somas pneumatic actuator type A can be equipped with various accessories on request. Somas supplies positioners and compact assembly blocks through to switch boxes, sensors with mechanical puck switches, solenoid valves and filter regulators for this purpose.

    Air valve

    Type TWIN Air (ERHARD)
    Pressure: '10 / 16 / 25 / 40
    Nominal size: 50 - 200

    The TWIN AIR air valve from Erhard regulates the automatic venting of water pipes in plants, buildings and shafts and guarantees automatic venting of the pipe during filling, operational venting and emptying processes. It is characterised by a compact design and low weight as well as a large cross-section, which enables ultra-high venting speeds. The operating principle: Valve for automatic air release and air admission via a lever and with patented self-cleaning at each switching operation. The valve is enamelled on the inside and has an epoxy coating on the outside. It is also available for seawater applications.